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Shell Niederlandes Reaktion auf das Klima-Urteil

27. Mai 2021

Quelle: Shell Niederlande

„Urgent action is needed on climate change which is why we have accelerated our efforts to become a net-zero emissions energy company by 2050, in step with society, with short-term targets to track our progress.“

 “We are investing billions of dollars in low-carbon energy, including electric vehicle charging, hydrogen, renewables and biofuels. We want to grow demand for these products and scale up our new energy businesses even more quickly.

“We will continue to focus on these efforts and fully expect to appeal today’s disappointing court decision.”

We continue to take significant steps to accelerate the transition of our business to net-zero emissions, which includes working with our suppliers, customers and other partners in reducing their emissions. To find the solutions the world needs, we continue to engage in dialogue with NGOs, industry partners, governments, academia, shareholders and wider society. In The Netherlands for example this contributed to a national climate accord.

Important milestones on our journey so far to become a net-zero energy company include:

  • In 2021 we became the first energy company to offer investors an advisory vote on our energy transition strategy.
  • In 2020 we announced a target to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050, in step with society’s progress as it works towards the Paris Agreement goal. This target is comprehensive, because it includes our own emissions, as well as emissions from our customers’ use of all the energy products we supply. Not just what we get out of the ground, but everything we sell.
  • In 2019, we published the first Industry Associations Climate Review, which reviewed the alignment between our climate-related policy positions and those of 19 key industry associations of which we are a member. In cases of material misalignment, we will evaluate whether to walk away.
  • In 2019 we were the first major energy company to connect executive pay to our target to reduce our Net Carbon Footprint.
  • In 2017, we announced our ambition to reduce the carbon intensity of the energy products we sell. Crucially, this included the full life-cycle emissions from the use of our energy products by customers.

Our business is changing in The Netherlands, where we:

  • Have taken our second wind farm at sea into operation and together with Eneco are on the verge of building our third.
  • Have built around 200 fast charging points, increasing to 250 by the end of the year. We offer nationwide 100% green electricity for electric driving. Moreover, we provide home charging and offer 200,000 charging points throughout Europe, through our subsidiary NewMotion.
  • Are opening hydrogen fueling stations (motorists and public transport) and have plans to build electrolysers in the Port of Rotterdam and the Eemshaven for green hydrogen production from green electricity. These hydrogen plants could reduce industry emissions, are at the centre of new value chains (wind to hydrogen to industries/freight transport) and provide jobs.
  • Are developing biofuels, such as bio-LNG from biowaste with our partners Renewi and Nordsol for more sustainable freight transport.
  • Started building what will be our fourth solar park, with several more to come.